Cast of Characters

The size of your cast is determined by which version of the production you wish to create:

The Concert Version can be done with 3 to 30 singers and needs no solo voices, casting, characters or live band. The simplest way to do it is to print the lyrics, sing along with Michael Bridges and George Baum on the vocal versions of the 24 recorded songs, project the provided art/animations and then. "on with the show!" Once you know the music, sing along with the instrumental versions of the songs, or add a guitar, piano, bass and drums and create your own live band.

The Small Stage and Full Stage Versions can be produced in as simple or as elaborate a style you wish. Casting involves 9 Major Roles, 9 Minor Roles, multiple Choral Trios and as many Townspeople, children and extras as you wish. Many characters do not appear in the same scene, so feel free to double or triple up parts if your cast pool is small.

Below you’ll find the roles you may wish to cast:


MARTIN LUTHER, Title Role, (Vocal Range: Tenor, G2-B5) tormented monk-turned-reformer, seen as heretic by Rome and hero by the bulk of the German nation.

KATHARINA VON BORA, (Soprano, A4-E5) Narrator, 26, a nun who escapes her convent. When Luther arranges her marriage to a colleague - and the man marries another - she proposes to him.

FREDERICK, (Tenor, Db3-B5) Elector of Saxony, 50 and stout, Luther's patron.

STAUPITZ, (Tenor, D3-E4) 40s and heavy, Luther's mentor at Wittenberg.

ABBOT, (Tenor, G2-E4) 50 and thin, head of the most disciplined, harsh monastery in Erfurt.

POPE LEO, (Baritone, mostly spoken) Medici banker who buys the title and is ordained a priest two days before becoming Pope. He issues the St. Peter's Indulgence, selling forgiveness, prompting Luther's writing of 95 Theses.

ALEANDRO, (Bass, mostly spoken) Cardinal Papal Inquisitor who prosecutes Luther.

TETZEL, (Tenor, A4-B5) The slickest Indulgence salesman in the world

ULRICH VON HUTTON, (Baritone, Bb3-G4) Poet knight philosopher who sees Luther's protest as a convenient opportunity to start a war for German independence on the spot.


HANS LUDER, (Baritone, G2 - E4) Martin's stern, harsh, judgmental father

MARGARETHE, (Soprano, D4-E5) Martin's broken-hearted mother

CAJETAN, (Tenor, C3-A5) Cardinal and Papal Inquisitor

INQUISITOR EK, (Tenor, C3-A5) Theologian and Papal Inquisitor

HUS, (Baritone, Spoken/Shouted) 15th Century reformer who is burned at the stake. His name means “Goose" (As in "his goose is cooked!")

FRIEND 1 - 2, (Tenors)Luther's law school buddies

INQUISITOR, (Tenor, Spoken/Shouted) 15th Century Cardinal who condemns Hus to the flame

CHARLES V, (Non-Speaking Role) Young ruler of Spain and King of the Holy Roman Empire. He supervises Luther's trial, but needs the support of the German Princes to protect the empire from the Turkish Sultan Sueilman.


These may play multiple parts.

NUNS 1, 2, 3, (Soprano/Alto) Katharina's friends and main backup singers

MONKS 1, 2, 3, Luther's friends and main backup singers

KNIGHTS 1, 2, 3, Kidnappers, guards and castle singers

HAWKERS 1, 2, 3, sleazy pawners of Roman religious relics

PROSTITUTES, 1, 2, 3, women roaming the streets of Rome

PRIESTS 1, 2, 3, Roman clergy

CARDINALS 1, 2 ,3, Pope Leo's possee and backup singer

STUDENTS 1, 2, 3, Luther's Wittenberg students


There is no limit to the number of people you can involve in the chorus, but you need a minimum of 3-6 men, 3-6 women and 3-6 children to play in these multiple roles:

3 - 6+ CHILDREN, who double as Wittenberg children, Roman Urchins, Ulrich's Servants and Luther's family

3 - 6+ TOWNSMEN 


3 - 6+ ADDITIONAL STUDENTS, Luther's young supporters

3 - 6+ CARDINALS, Pope Leo's posse and backup singers

3 - 6+ HENCHMEN, Tetzel's greedy entourage