Perusal/Preview Agreement

The Creators of Luther The Rock Opera are excited to have you consider a partnership in the production of the musical for your community. We are happy to provide you with the following resources for your consideration:

  1. SCRIPTS (PDF) for Stage Play, Small Stage Play and Concert Versions
  2. SOUNDTRACKS (MP3) for Stage Play, Small Stage Play and Concert Versions
  3. MUSIC DIRECTOR’S SCORES (PDF) with Lead Sheets/Lyrics/Chords
  4. BUDGET/PRESS/PROMOTION FILES (.XLS/DOC/PDF) This includes Budget Projection Spread Sheets, 8 Bulletin Inserts, Press Releases, Press Strategy, Sample Articles, and Ticket Templates
  5. TEAM LEADER MANUALS (PDF) with the Director Manual, Staging Manual, Tech Manual, and Costume Idea Guide
  6. LWR CHARITY PARTNER RESOURCES (PDF) with bulletin inserts, press releases, adds and banners to use the play as a means to raise awareness and funds for local and international emergencies and sustainable projects.

We understand that these are proprietary assets and they may be shared only with you and your planning team. We will not share any of these resources in print, online or in any digital form with anyone outside our reviewal team. We also agree we will not use any of the materials provided in any way without signing a separate License Agreement.

In order to link you to your files, please fill out the following information and check that you have read and agree to the preview terms. 

After submitting the information below, you will immediately be given a link to a single 700MB ZIP folder containing the preview files.

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By downloading the Luther The Rock Opera preview materials, I agree to use the Luther The Rock Opera scripts, music, art and promotional materials provided for reviewal purposes only. I will not share these files outside of my own preview team. I will not distribute these resources in print, online or in any digital or non-digital form. I will not perform any song, or use any of the art, animations or other materials provided in any venue (worship, class, stage) without signing the License Agreement and paying the License Deposit Fee.