Stage Version Music Samples

by George Baum and Michael Bridges (Lost and Found), additional songs by Rich Melheim.


The Stage Version is a 2 1/2 hour stage play that tells the story of the stormy monk with 9 major roles, 9 minor roles and unlimited ensemble parts.

Solos and musical interpretation in the album are sung by: Rachel Kurtz (Katharina), Peder Eide (Luther), Robert Robinson (Frederick), John Hermanson (Staupitz), Tonia Hughes (Margarethe Luder, Ensemble), Jonathan Swenson (Hans Luder, Ek), Jesse Ernster (Abbot, Monks, Ensemble), Lewiee Blaze (Leo), Rich Melheim (Hus, Aleandro, Cajetan), Phil Kadidlo (Ulrich von Hutten) and Sara Renner (Ensemble). Special thanks for counsel and coaching to Michael Rapp and Kim Lang Lenny (Broadway Musical Director of Jesus Christ Superstar, Ruthless, The Ring, Rasputin).

Here are some 30-90-second samples of each of the 48 songs in the Stage Version.