The Origins

It’s Joseph meets Godspell meets Hamilton meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets your community just in time for the 500th Anniversary of the stormy monk nailing it this October.

It’s Lost and Found music meets a 3D graphic set that looks like it came right out of Marvel Comics meets an historically fascinating and accurate script.

It's adults, teens, elders, children and a few strays you might snatch off the street working, bonding, singing, creating, laughing and learning together. It’s a true Cross+Gen community converging around a theater production while raising money for Lutheran World Relief to support emergency relief, subsistence coffee farmers, and families in need.

It’s Luther the Rock Opera and it’s designed for your cast and crew to make theatrical or congregational history as they make Reformation history come alive in a way your community will never forget.

Leaping from the internationally acclaimed graphic novel page to your stage, Luther the Rock Opera tells the story of a young monk’s quest for peace with God. It starts with the burning of martyr Jan Hus 100 years before Luther and his haunting prediction: “In 100 years I will answer!” It jumps through time to Luther’s electric-shock call. Then it marches with the protesting professor to the Wittenberg Door, a heretic’s trial and his late-night kidnapping. In the end through a series of improbable historical events, our unlikely hero moves to and through the three words that usher the Medieval Era out and the Modern Era in: “Here I stand!”

Luther the Rock Opera is a story for every time. A story for all time. A story for your time.  And come this fall, your cast and crew will be telling it again for the first time - in song. 


Luther the Rock Opera: Origins

Luther the Rock Opera began in 2003 as a graphic novel written by Dr. Rich Melheim and illustrated by Jonathan Koelsch and Sherwin Schwartzrock in support of the guerrilla marketing efforts for the Luther feature film.

As the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation approached, Melheim invited his friends Michael Bridges and George Baum from the award-winning band Lost And Found to partner in turning the graphic novel into a musical stage play.

As publication time approached, Lutheran World Relief came on board as a partner to raise awareness and funds for three international projects in conjunction with the play.

The show debuted at the Stadthaus Theater in Wittenberg, Germany in June 2017, and is now ready for churches, colleges and theatrical troupes to bring it alive on the stage in time for the October 2017 commemorations.