Luther the Rock Opera: The Soundtracks

Michael Bridges and George Baum of Lost and Found have pounded the Luther graphic novel into verse and song in their unique “Speedwood” musical style. With humor, energy, emotion and 5 million miles on the road in Lutheran circles, these two-time winners of the John Lennon songwriting contest in the Gospel category have written the core songs in a variety of genres ranging from classic Rock and Roll, to ballads, to Broadway, to rap. 

Michael and George created the 24 songs for the Concert Version of the show, which can be done in a little over an hour with minimal rehearsals and a small choir/band.

Rich Melheim added the two dozen additional pieces to build the major themes and advanced scripting/story for the Stage Versions of the play with the help of one of the finest composers/lyricists in the field of Rock Opera, Broadway’s Michael Rapp  (Jesus Christ Superstar, Rasputin, The Ring) and his partner Kim Lang Lenny.  Top Twin Cities (MN) musicians like Peder Eide, Rachel Kurtz, Robert Robinson added creativity and power to the three lead parts, Luther, Katharina and Frederick. Tonia Hughes, Sara Renner,  Jesse Ray Ernster, John Hermanson, Jonathan Swenson, Tim Zhorne, Phiil Kadidlo, Cornell Blanchard, Brian “Snowman” Powers put the pizazz to the vocals and orchestrations. Lewiee Blaze and students/staff from the High School of Recording Arts contributed skills to add a young, fresh sound to the mix.

Enjoy samples of the sound tracks on the following links.

Stage Version
Extended Stage Version
Concert Version


Jesse Ray Ernster: Arrangements, Composing, Vocals, Guitars, Mixing, and Mastering

Tim Zhorne:  Composing, Arranging, Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Guitars

Brian “Snowman” Powers:  Additional Mixing on Songs 2, 4, 5, 10, 14, 15, 16, 18, 24, 26, 34, 36, 43, & 46

Cornell Blanchard: Lead Sheets, Arrangements, Accordion, Piano, Wurlitzer, and B3 on “Velcome to Vittenurg”, “Junker George, “Students”, “Turmoil”, “under an Open Sky”, “Teutonic Rhapsody”, “Captive”, and “Curtain Call”

Andrew Gouche:  Bass Guitar on “Under an Open Sky”, “Go”, and “Don’t Go”

Nick Klingenberg : Bass on “Let Me Tell You A Story”

Coso Franklin: Bass on “In The Night” and If I Die Tomorrow”

Eric Louiselle:  Bass on “The Golden Rose”

Mike Smirnoff: Additional Percussion on “Go”, “Don’t Go”, and “If I Die Tomorrow”

Martial Besombes:  Piano on “Plant a Tree”

Stella Varkondova: Demon 3 - “In the Night pt. III: Demons”, Woman 3 - “Indulgence Carnival”

Phil Kadidlo: Piano arrangement and lyrical tweaks on “Teutonic Rhapsody”

Peder Eide: Piano arrangement for “In The Night”

Executive Producer: Dr. Rich Melheim

Album produced in Minneapolis & LA